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I walked up armadillo hill...

I really liked the lyrical sound cadence of "armadillo hill" today. Just a single line like that surfaces at times.

I think it's great to create your OWN songs or lyrical mantra lines of personal resonance of the language. There's something really calming and centering about it.

Is there a phrase or line that recently stuck in your mind as lyrical?

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I enjoy just reading song titles when I'm looking in the music area of stores. It's great when a title triggers thought or surprise from those few words.

consolidating the unusual song titles I've listed so far.

pinata oblongata, what is your landmass?, they make monkeys like we have squirrels, tiny cannibal bites, automatic yawns, another set of bees in the museum, already elsewhere, wound profile, zero gravity stomp, hereditary handshakes, out of limits, she's actual size, bring the monster inside, failure to thrive, MIDunderstood, taste of the same, you can't erase a mirror, I want half of that, a close second.